LPA submission on Draft Guidelines for the National Program for Excellence in the Arts

LPA submission on Draft Guidelines for the National Program for Excellence in the Arts

Live Performance Australia (LPA) has made its submission on the Draft Guidelines for the National Program for Excellence in the Arts. The following summarises LPA’s position and recommendations.


  1. LPA supports the extension of arts funding to a broader range of companies through the National Program for Excellence in the Arts (NPEA), and the opportunity it presents to provide funding support for new and innovative arts projects. We are, however, deeply concerned that diverting funds from the Australia Council to the NPEA will have a significant negative impact on the small-medium sector. Specifically, reducing organisational funding support will have adverse consequences on the capacity-building capability of small-medium companies.

    LPA calls on the Federal Government as a matter of urgency to address how it is going to ensure that the operational capacity of Australia’s small-medium arts sector is supported in the short and long term. This is a primary concern not just for the small-medium sector, but the entire arts industry ecosystem.

    Specifically, LPA recommends that the Australia Council be provided with additional funds to be allocated for this purpose. 

  2. We further note that in the absence of a national cultural policy or Creative Industries Plan there is no clear understanding of how the funding programs of the Australia Council and NPEA will complement each other to meet their combined strategic aims.

    Therefore, a national Creative Industries Plan should be developed that clearly states strategic priorities and measurable goals including delivering arts excellence. The framework should clearly articulate how the funding objectives of the NPEA and the Australia Council complement each other.

  3. We believe in its current form the Guidelines are not rigorous, clear, transparent or independent enough to provide for a fair or equitable substitute for the funding that has been diverted from the Australia Council.

    LPA has provided 12 specific recommendations in its submission to ensure the NPEA is an effective and beneficial arts funding stream that can fairly and successfully support Australia’s creative industries.

LPA thanks those Members that provided feedback into this submission and encourages Members to read the submission in full.