Live performance industry to receive ‘Heads Up’ on mental health

Live performance industry to receive ‘Heads Up’ on mental health

Live Performance Australia (LPA) is encouraging the live performance industry to give their workplaces a ‘Heads Up’ by becoming involved in an Australian first initiative to create a mentally healthy workplace.

LPA has joined the Heads Up campaign, a joint initiative by beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance that encourages all Australian businesses to make mental health in the workplace a priority.

LPA Chief Executive, Evelyn Richardson said while attention is often given to safeguarding employee’s physical health, it is important employers increase their focus on the mental health of their employees.

“A physically and mentally healthy workplace benefits not only employees, but also the business itself,” said Ms Richardson.

“The direct financial impact of mental ill-health on Australian businesses is in the vicinity of $11 billion every year, largely due to absenteeism and reduced productivity.

“By implementing good quality mental health management across all levels of a business, we will not only improve productivity but reduce the unacceptably high rates of mental illness among Australians.

“Promoting mental health in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility and LPA Members are encouraged to access the free Heads Up resources to assist in taking the first step towards ensuring mentally healthy workplaces.”

A recent study produced by Entertainment Assist and Victoria University has highlighted the alarming trend that those working within the live performance industry are severely at risk of mental health issues.

“Mental illness does not discriminate and many people will experience some form of depression or anxiety in their lifetime at varying degrees of severity.

“As an industry, we must break down the stigma associated with mental ill-health and understand it is not a weakness.

“It is important both employers and employees work together to make a conscious step to prioritise a mentally healthy workplace.”

LPA is supported by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) as part of its commitment to achieving mentally healthy workplaces.

LPA will deliver a national roadshow on workplace health and safety, highlighting the importance of creating an organisational culture that values the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone later in the year.

As the peak body for the live performance industry, LPA will continue its work as a member of the Heads Up campaign to encourage the live performance industry to take positive action to curb mental ill-health in the workplace.