Australia Council Delivers Budget Cull to Live Performance Industry

Australia Council Delivers Budget Cull to Live Performance Industry

There are 21 small to medium live performance companies that have lost funding in the budget cull announced by the Australia Council today, which is one-third of the 62 companies to suffer funding cuts.

Evelyn Richardson, Chief Executive of Live Performance Australia said: ‘The funding cuts announced today are the direct result of the Coalition’s cut to the arts budget in 2015 and will potentially cost hundreds of jobs across the live performance industry.’

LPA is calling for the $72.8 million cut by the Coalition from the Australia Council budget to be returned so that jobs, growth and innovation in the live performance industry can be sustained.

‘It doesn’t matter how much the Australia Council tries to window dress its announcement. This is a dark day for the creative, talented and innovative people who make up our industry.

‘There is no artistic or industry development rationale for these cuts – they are all about the Government’s budget decision,’ Ms Richardson said.

‘It is especially disappointing to see companies that drive new Australian productions and build our reputation on the international stage through their successful touring programs have lost funding, such as Slingsby, Force Majeure, and Legs on the Wall.

‘Highly successful companies such as Arena Theatre Company which have been creating original and innovative theatre for young people for fifty years have also lost funding.

‘Organisations that enrich our regional and rural communities such as the Queensland Music Festival and the Wangaratta Jazz Festival have also had their funding cut,’ Ms Richardson said.

LPA will be undertaking a more detailed analysis of today’s funding announcement to understand its full impact across the live performance industry. In addition to small to medium companies that have lost their funding entirely, others may also have to manage the consequences of reductions in funding which will also significantly impact their operations.