LPA Budget Submission 2018-19

LPA Budget Submission 2018-19

The Turnbull Government has been called on to provide more incentives to support innovation and more original Australian live performance works.

Live Performance Australia (LPA) has made a number of recommendations in its 2018-19 Budget submission to drive innovation and job creation in Australia’s $2.5 billion live performance industry.

LPA’s budget proposals include:

  • Provide tax incentives on pre-production costs for live productions to assist Australian producers finance the staging of new productions and attract investment in an internationally competitive market;
  • Establish a major seed fund ($20 million over four years) for original Australian works of scale;
  • Provide an additional $5 million over four years for international touring of Australian productions;
  • Provide an additional $14 million over four years to Playing Australia and establish a digital distribution and access fund; and
  • Introduce a tax relief measure allowing charitable organisations to claim back the tax deduction on gift donations.

LPA is also currently considering ways that the Federal Government can further support independent and small-medium companies, by establishing initiatives to improve capacity building and market development in this sector.

LPA Chief Executive Evelyn Richardson said ‘After years of funding cuts and a lack of strategic direction, the Turnbull Government now has an opportunity to support innovation, creativity and growth across our live performance industry through these sensible and targeted budget measures.’

‘Australia’s live performance industry supports over 34,000 jobs in metropolitan and regional areas and makes a significant economic contribution as well as contributing to our social and cultural well-being and diversity.

‘Our industry attracts more than 18 million people a year to shows in capital cities, regional centres and country towns, as well as promoting Australian talent and creativity to international audiences,’ Ms Richardson said.

LPA’s budget proposals are affordable and in the case of the proposal for tax incentives on pre-production costs could provide a net positive return through increased economic activity.

‘With the right support and policy settings, these budget initiatives will support the growth and sustainability of live performance in Australia, stimulating investment in new and original productions, and improve access to Australian live performance talent in regional areas and international markets,’ Ms Richardson said.

LPA’s budget submission is available here.