Cinema Industry

In 1995, the Cinematograph Exhibitors’ Association amalgamated with LPA (then called the Entertainment Industry Employers’ Association). Since that time, LPA has represented Independent Cinemas.

Most employees in Independent Cinemas will be covered by the Broadcasting & Recorded Award 2010.

Under the Award, the “broadcasting and recorded entertainment industry” means the production (including pre-production and post-production), broadcasting, distribution, showing, making available, and/or sale of audio and audio/visual content including but not limited to feature films, television programs (including series, serials, telemovies and mini-series), news, current affairs, sport, documentaries, video clips, digital video discs, television commercials, training films and the like whether for television exhibition, theatrical exhibition, sale to the public, digital media release or release in any other medium

Clerical and administrative employees are covered by the Clerks – Private Sector Award 2010.

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