Complaints Handling & Dispute Resolution

 Member organisations of LPA are bound by the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice (the Code). The LPA Complaints Handling & Dispute Resolution Policy explains to consumers our procedures for handling complaints and resolving disputes.


What Complaints and Disputes are Covered by this Policy?

The formal procedures set out in this Policy apply to complaints about matters covered by the Code from consumers. For example, you can make a complaint under this Policy if you think one of our members has not complied with one of their obligations under the Code.

How Can Consumers Make a Complaint?

Before making a complaint to either an LPA Member or to LPA directly, we recommend reading p.11 - 14 of the Consumer Code. This explains the circumstances under consumers may be entitled to a refund or exchange for a ticket purchase.

We encourage consumers to try to resolve any complaint at the earliest possible opportunity. In order to give the organisers of the event the best opportunity to fix the problem, we recommend that as soon as you are aware of a problem that you do any one of the following:

  • Prior to the performance: If the complaint occurs prior to the performance, you should report the complaint to the Ticketing Service Provider.
  • At the time of the performance: If the complaint occurs at the time of the performance, you should inform staff at the Venue as soon as possible, or within the first 30 minutes of the performance or at interval. This will give staff at the Venue the opportunity to resolve the problem in time for you to properly enjoy the rest of the performance.
  • Subsequent to the performance: If the complaint occurs subsequent to the performance, you should contact the Venue who should advise you as to whom you should report the complaint to have it addressed.

In the event that your complaint is unable to be resolved, you or the Presenter may refer the complaint to the LPA Complaints Officer, who will then deal with the complaint in accordance with the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice.

We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to bring complaints to our attention. For this reason, we offer a range of methods by which you can make a complaint to us:

By telephone (during business hours)
03 8614 2000 – ask for the Complaints Officer
By fax
03 9614 1166 – mark the fax to the attention of the Complaints Officer
By email
By post
The Complaints Officer
Level 1, 15 - 17 Queen St
Melbourne VIC 3000

To ensure that we can examine and respond to your complaint quickly, please make sure that you provide:

  • Contact details so we can discuss the complaint with you,
  • Details of the circumstances surrounding the object of the complaint.

If you need assistance in describing or making a complaint, or if you just want to discuss your concerns informally before deciding whether to make a complaint, please feel free to contact us.