Producer Development

While Australia has a number of tertiary institutions with a strong reputation for training actors, directors, production personnel and arts managers for the live performance industry, there is no clear training path to become a producer. Today’s successful producers have usually made the transition from another area of the industry, or a different kind of business altogether. Some successful producers have also benefited from a mentoring relationship when first starting out.

LPA Producer Development Program

LPA established the Producer Development Program in 2008 to provide professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities for new and established producers.

More recently, our producer initiatives have expanded to provide specific support for Independent Producers – a unique subset of producer who operate outside the structures of an arts organisation or venue, and support a suite of artistic clients with the development, presentation and longer term exploitation of their work. In the past this has included events such as the Producer Development Seminar, Independent Producers Summit and other LPA Member seminars.