Workplace Relations

We are here to help our Members navigate the complexities of the workplace regulatory environment. This includes ensuring Members understand their obligations under workplace relations legislation, including the Fair Work Act 2009 and its National Employment Standards.

We provide information and advice in relation to the:

  • live performance industry
  • exhibition industry
  • cinema industry

on a range of workplace relations issues including:

  • annual leave
  • child employment
  • child safety
  • disciplinary matters
  • education and training
  • enterprise bargaining and agreements
  • general protections claims
  • human resource management
  • organisation restructuring
  • parental leave
  • public holidays
  • superannuation
  • recordings
  • terminations and redundancy
  • touring
  • unfair dismissal claims
  • unpaid work and volunteers

We also negotiate industrial agreements on behalf of our Members. If you can’t find what you need in our resources collection, our Workplace Relations team can provide further information.